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21 August 2020
11.00am – 6.00pm AEST
This event has ended
photo young people playing video games

Let's Play Videogames for Science!

#BatteryLow is a unique outreach event bringing scientists and videogames straight to you wherever you are.

Join us for a livestream broadcast where we bring different scientists, sit them on a couch, and play videogames with them. Why videogames? Well, they’re fun to play and fun to watch!

They’re also something a lot of people have in common. And if there’s one thing science communicators need to do is meet people where they are most comfortable.

What we'll be doing
The goal of the show is thus to have some fun conversations about the weird, awesome, interesting, and enlightening scientific research that is happening today. As a viewer, you’ll also be able to be part of the whole conversation as we’ll be streaming this live and interacting with all your comments – you're part of the show!

This sounds great and I want to watch!
Rad. This is an all-ages show. So....
If you’re an adult, parent, and/or teacher, then head here and grab a FREE ticket so that we can update you as the details unfold.

We especially encourage teachers to sign up their class. We'll have new scientists coming in on the hour so that classes anywhere can join in and interact with scientists at any time. Our outreach event is a perfect way to get your students interacting with scientists while enjoying what they love most – livestreams.

It’s a perfect opportunity for Regional/rural schools to interact with scientists!

If you’re a kid, then subscribe to our YouTube or Twitch channel to ensure you don’t miss the show. And kids, tell your teachers so you get to watch some videogames science during class!

Hosted by Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic, School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science. Participating scientists from UNSW Sydney include:

  • Ashley Stevens
  • Gabe O'Reilly
  • Kevin Tsang
  • Kirsten Banks
  • Matthew Williams-Spooner
  • Patrice Pottier
  • Zac Wylde
  • Zoe Xirocostas

Visit our Arludo website for  information and to find out about all the scientists participating.

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