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Jes Sammut | Towards Zero Hunger

Jes Sammut

The aquaculture program is doing more than just rebuilding fish farms, it’s rebuilding lives and communities.

Jes Sammut

When Jes Sammut started his career investigating fish kills in Eastern Australia, he didn’t imagine he’d end up tackling the weighty issue of world hunger head on.  

Now, for over twenty years Jes and his team have been transforming the livelihoods of communities across the Asia Pacific by teaching communities how to farm fish. Employing cutting edge research alongside ongoing community engagement, these inland aquaculture projects are providing a valuable source of food and income while sitting alongside age-old farming practices.  

The knock-on effects of the initiative have been profound, helping solve long standing issues ranging from protein deficiency, to school attendance, to limited employment opportunities.  

In 10 minutes Jes outlines the research that set him on an unexpected path to help end world hunger – and explains how the humble fish is transforming lives for the better throughout the Asia Pacific.  

Jes Sammut

Jes Sammut

Professor Jes Sammut leads the Aquaculture Research Group at UNSW Sydney, and is the Deputy Dean of Science for External Engagement, and the Deputy Director (International) of the Centre for Marine Science and Innovation. Passionate about providing sustainable livelihoods to people across the Asia-Pacific, Jes is actively engaged in a range of aquaculture initiatives from Vietnam to PNG, which have proved transformative in solving issues of malnutrition, and economic hardship, as well as sustaining positive social impact.

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