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Sam Mostyn on the future of our care system

Pink background with care workers in a paper chain

The formal care system – our hospital systems, our emergency systems, our aged and young care systems – are falling apart.

Sam Mostyn

If living through a pandemic for the last two years has taught us anything, it is: whose work is truly essential. 

The world would have come to a grinding halt had it not been for the tireless efforts of those who ensured we were fed, supported and safe. Our nurses, teachers, support workers, and carers.

But while we stood in the streets and clapped as our courageous workers returned home from their gruelling shifts, it has become crystal clear that what they really needed was so much more than our applause. According to business leader and CEO Sam Mostyn, COVID-19 has given us a unique opportunity to redesign the future of care, so rather than yearn for pre-pandemic times, how can we harness what we have learnt so create a more equitable care system?

Sam Mostyn spoke in The Price of COVID, an event presented by Sydney Festival and the UNSW Centre for Ideas in January 2022.

Sam Mostyn

Sam Mostyn

Sam Mostyn AO is a businesswoman and sustainability adviser, with a long history of executive and governance roles across business, sport, climate change, the arts, policy, and NFP sectors. Sam is the President of Chief Executive Women. She serves on the board of Mirvac, is the chair of Citi Australia’s consumer bank, and chairs the boards of the Foundation for Young Australians, Australians Investing in Women, Ausfilm, ANROWS (the Australian National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety) and Alberts.  

She also serves on the boards of the GO Foundation, the Centre for Policy Development, The Climate Council, Tonic Media, and until recently as an inaugural board member of Climateworks Australia, and was a Commissioner with the Australian Football League for over a decade until 2017. 

Previously, Sam has served on the Global Business & Sustainable Development Commission, and on the boards of Reconciliation Australia, the Australia Council for the Arts, the Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Swans, Transurban, Virgin Australia, Australian Volunteers International, and has chaired Carriageworks and The Australian Museum. 

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