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Hannah Critchlow: The science of fate

Are we really the masters of our own destiny?

The concept of fate has been around since the ancient Greeks, inspiring literature and folklore for thousands of years. However, the science of fate is just getting started. 

In her new book The Science of Fate: Why Your Future is More Predictable Than You Think, internationally acclaimed neuroscientist Hannah Critchlow explores the current state of neurological and genomic research. She breathes new life into the concept of fate by situating it at the core of what we all increasingly believe makes us who we are – the brain. 

Drawing vividly from everyday life, Critchlow illustrates just how much our decisions – from what we eat, to whom we love, to how we vote – are hardwired and predetermined by genetics. 

This fascinating talk will challenge everything we know about ourselves, as well as empowering us to help shape a better future.

Previously people have thought of nature vs nurture as a big debate, but actually epigenetics is really showing how utterly intertwined they are, and how your environment can really affect your biology.

Hannah Critchlow

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Photo credit: Yaya Stempler

This talk was chaired by Joel Pearson, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at UNSW Sydney, and presented by the UNSW Centre for Ideas. Supported by Adelaide Writers' Week.

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