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Stephen Fry: An ode to Christopher Hitchens

Stephen Fry

A Grand Canyon has opened up in our world and the crack grows wider every day. As it widens enemies speak more and more incontinently about the other side.

Stephen Fry

Polemicist, orator and fearless social critic Christopher Hitchens brought a unique combination of wit and eloquence to his dangerous ideas. Public conversations that challenged the orthodox and discussed the undiscussable were a specialty and his opening speech at the first Festival of Dangerous Ideas was no exception. To celebrate the importance of dangerous ideas, we inaugurate ‘The Hitch’. Christopher’s good friend, Stephen Fry, delivered a special keynote oration – a masterclass on the lost art of fabulous disagreement.

Listen to Stephen Fry deliver a masterclass on the lost art of fabulous disagreement at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

This talk was recorded live on stage at the Sydney Town Hall as part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2018.


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