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Joyce Wu | Ending violence against women

a painting with a blend of colours

When we witness someone being abused by their partner, we need to have the same moral imperative to act as when we see someone drowning.

Joyce Wu

Violence against women is on the news everyday. It's happening in the workplace, on the streets and in people's home. Ending this violence starts with men, their behaviours and attitudes. And changing the social structures and norms which enable domestic violence and harassment starts with a conversation. Unfortunately, discussing gender equality is not always a top priority in pubs, locker rooms and Parliament House. But if men are willing to listen and reflect on their behaviour, we could see real societal transformation, so how do we encourage men to put women on the agenda? Joyce Wu’s research has taken her across the globe, and her insights could make a real difference.

For further information on this topic, we recommend taking a look at Involving Men in Ending Violence against Women Development.

A UNSW Centre for Ideas project, with illustration designed by Tiarna Herczeg and footage filmed at the EPICentre – a UNSW research centre located at the Art & Design campus. Videos filmed and edited by Paper Moose, and podcast editing and music composition by Bryce Halliday.

Joyce Wu

Joyce Wu

Joyce Wu is a Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences in Global Development, in the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture. She is a Fulbright Fellow and Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University. Joyce has a diverse history of interdisciplinary research and practitioner experiences. Her research includes sexual and gendered violence in conflict and post-conflict situations (Afghanistan, Pakistan and Timor Leste), intersectionality and inequality, gender mainstreaming, sustainable development, and equity and diversity in higher education. Prior to academic life, Joyce has worked at DFAT, UN Women and CSIRO. 

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